Uma and Ken from Multiverse ran an online design thinking course for apprentices, built with Design Club resources.

Tell us a bit about you

Uma Odedra: I’m a user experience researcher at Multiverse. I’m also really interested in design thinking — which is why we align really well with Design Club. I often end up running workshops in design thinking, crazy 8s, that sort of thing.

Ken Day: I’m a product designer at Multiverse…

It’s been a frustrating year, but we’ve made progress. Here’s what we’ve been working on — and plans for the rest of 2021.

Children designing apps at Future Youth Zone in Dagenham

Ongoing projects

Grant for the web

We won funding from Grant for the Web back in September 2020. This money has been fantastic, enabling us to create new materials, explore remote delivery and reconnect with our mentor community.

In the next few weeks we’ll be further exploring Web Monetisation — through Coil — and sharing our…

The children have been prototyping social apps. We tested out a new activity — reflecting on how these apps make money and the implications for users.

After prototyping social apps, we’re thinking about the way these apps make money — is the process always fair and transparent?

I’m back in the classroom, running a Design Club for 11–13 year olds in west London. Here’s what happened when we tested out a new worksheet: Explore how apps make money.

New term

We started the term with an app design mini project (A3), so kids can get an idea of how…

We’re nearing the end of “Design Club: Reboot”, our project funded by Grant for the Web. Here’s a progress report.

New People and Challenge worksheets

Last September we were thrilled to win $15,000 funding from Grant for the Web after the pandemic had forced us to pause clubs in early 2020.

Of course, we were keen to reboot Design Club and this new funding has been crucial in helping us explore hybrid delivery.

What we’ve done

  • Rebuilt the…

We had our first Show and Tells this week. From Facebook Groups to Slack to Coda, it’s been great to see what our 6 charity partners have created so far.

Group 1 Show and Tell (clockwise from top left): Chloe (Back Up), Jemima, Andy and Jaymie (SIDE Labs), Alice (Back Up), Shivy (SIDE Labs), Ellie and Audrey (MEWSo)

We had our first Show and Tells this week. It was good for everyone to hear what others have been up to. And nice for people to share their progress, experience and any anxieties in a safe community of practice (at least, we hope it’s starting to feel that way)!

This week was about working out the devil in the detail as our 6 charities prepare for their first Show and Tells next Thursday.

“Get Together” by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh and Kai Elmer Sotto — a useful reference for our programme

The needs of the 6 charities working on the Communities — Definition programme are different but the common thread running through all is the need to focus on developing and nurturing communities.

At the start of the programme we sent all 6 charities a copy of Get Together, an awesome…

This week we asked charities to work up their skateboard ideas. Needs are very different but everyone is supporting each other.

Woman on skateboard beside limestone wall in Oxford, UK. Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

Last week we asked our 6 charities to start thinking about their skateboard — a small but working prototype they can build to test their assumptions.

A skateboard isn’t complicated — it’s something simple that gets users from A to B. Although a skateboard sounds easy, it can take a…

Weeknotes from SIDE Labs after our working session last Friday

This week we asked charities to think about a “skateboard” — their minimum viable product — this is the work in progress for IMM (Intergenerational Music Making)

I think all of us felt a massive shift this week because:

(1) The weather — suddenly it’s actual Spring. It was nice to see my dog gambolling through the crocuses in the sunshine at lunchtime.

(2) The Government finally announced a roadmap out of lockdown on Monday. …

Weeknotes for SIDE Labs’ programme with ACRE, Back Up Trust, IMM, Margate Bookie, MEWSo and WellChild.

The Miro Board we’ve set up as a working space. Partners use stickies to map user needs and other essential information

We had the first session yesterday. Everyone seems really nice. Really lovely, passionate people and really interesting projects. A very diverse bunch of projects and initiatives. All really valuable. Excited about developing/ co-designing solutions for all of them!

Here are they are:

The club started on 9 February and runs for 6 sessions over Zoom. I’m going to try to keep a diary. [FINAL UPDATE: 23 March]

Filling out the “Think like a designer” worksheet. It felt right to complete activities along with the children.

Background to the club

I’ve already run — or supported — four Design Clubs at West London Free School. It seemed a natural place to approach to ask if they were interested in us running a club remotely. Luckily, they said “yes”!

The after school club is for 12 children, aged 11–13, over 6…

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